Adjust: Making Small Steps The Big Focus in Derby

Adjust: Making Small Steps The Big Focus In Derby

Chiropractic Derby NY Adjust Making Small Steps The Big Focus

In the second blog of this series of focusing on small steps we can take to improve the quality of our lives, we will be discussing something we can chip away at in order to turn a current challenge into a future accomplishment with a Derby chiropractor.

Make a Small Adjustment!

I am not actually speaking of a spinal adjustment here, although there are some similarities, and I will touch on them in a bit. What this speaks to is what part of your life could use a small adjustment? Something that may not seem big to you right now, but may have major effects later on in life. Let me give you something to compare this to. In aviation it is said that for every one degree a plane veers off it’s course, it will miss it’s target destination by one mile for every sixty miles it flies. One degree doesn’t sound like a lot, and it probably isn’t after one foot (0.2 inches), but it eventually becomes a big problem.

We are all human, and our lives will perpetually be full of regular periods of slipping and checking. Right now in your life (as with mine) I am sure you can think of a number of areas that may be “one degree” off course. Don’t let them become sixty miles off course. Getting back to the chiropractic connection, the easiest problems for me to correct on someone are those that are just “one degree” off. This is why maintenance chiropractic visits are so vitally important and why I get adjusted on a weekly basis. Our spine will always want to slip out of alignment ever so slightly because of the mental, physical, and emotional stress our body is under every week. As long as that is corrected quickly, it will have little impact on your overall health and wellness. That being said, correcting someone’s spine that has accumulated forty years of neglect (sixty miles off course) is a different discussion. Can we still help that person in most cases? Certainly. The question lies…to what degree? Many times there are limitations to that correction.

I always preach about being proactive vs. reactive when it comes to the management of your health, and this is an example of that. Will you proactively correct small deviations from what you know is right, or will you let them veer far off course and suffer the consequences? Develop a system and routine to take regular inventory of the decisions you are making in your life. Keep it simple, and keep it consistent. Adjust them regularly, and you will be right back on course to…

LIVE well. BE well.