Identify: Making Small Steps The Big Focus In Fredonia

Identify: Making Small Steps The Big Focus In Fredonia

Chiropractic Fredonia NY Identify Making Small Steps The Big Focus

This will be the first blog in a series of four focusing on small steps we can take to improve the quality of our lives with a Fredonia chiropractor.

A mile is walked out one step at a time. It sounds cliche, but keeping this mentality will help us in our everyday lives. I’m going to keep it light and highlight things that are true in my life. Your things certainly don’t have to be what mine are, but it might make you think of something even more fitting for your life. Make it your own.

Let’s jump right in…

Identify your joy!

This blog will focus on picking one thing you can do that brings you joy.

Give yourself permission to embrace & experience joy. Your mind & body need it.
For a lot of us the biggest hold up maybe “permission”. For some reason, we feel bad about having the ability to do something. Experts say one of the biggest things holding people back from ultra success and wealth is mental. People have a hard time believing that they are worthy of such success. Sounds crazy, I know, but many will subconsciously self sabotage themselves after they obtain success, and return right back to where they started.

Don’t avoid the thing(s) that you are good at, that brings you joy. Give yourself permission to live right in the middle of it!
For me, one thing that gives me joy would be to travel.

I especially love the Adirondack mountains during the summer and fall. I love to travel and feel blessed to have seen many different beautiful parts of the world. There is something special about the natural beauty of the Adirondack mountains area. Most weekends in the summer and fall that is where you will find me. It is so quiet (especially at night)! I absolutely love the great smell of the pines, clean lakes/streams, and all the different wildlife, including the majestic call of the common loon on a lake. It can be surreal at times, and will literally give my goosebumps. I am blessed to also have a wonderful wife to share these experiences with, one that likes the same things and activities I do. It is what makes the experience so joyful for me.

What is that one thing in your life that brings you joy?

Sit down and brainstorm. You might not even need to. It might, just like it did for me, quickly pop in your head. I would love to hear from you, to know what brings joy into your lives! If it is healthy and brings joy to you, don’t feel guilty about experiencing all that it has for you. When you give yourself permission to embrace something healthy that brings you joy, your quality of life will improve. And another really cool part of this is that the joy in your life will help bring similar feelings to those around you as well. A happy, joyful person is someone that we all like to be around.

As you go about your day today, have fun with it. Brainstorm on it. Daydream a little about it. Identify the one thing that brings you joy, throw your arms around it, and leverage every ounce of it!

Bring your joy into focus so you can…

LIVE well. BE well.