Commit: Making Small Steps The Big Focus In Fredonia

Commit: Making Small Steps The Big Focus In Fredonia

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For this third blog in a series of four, I will be talking about commitment.

Without committing to what you really want to do, it's highly unlikely that you’ll see the change you want to see in your life. Commitment in Fredonia is key! Sorry to burst your bubble. The statistics are not on your side. Science clearly says in study after study that in the end, roughly 92% of people will not achieve the goals they set out to accomplish. There are many reasons for that, but some of those are within your control. That is where we will spend some time today.

What are those 8% doing that allow them to reach their goals?

Commit: Making Small Steps The Big Focus in Fredonia

One thing that is needed to accomplish a goal is a strong burning DESIRE.

Without a strong burning desire, mixed with commitment, nothing you say or do will matter very much. You might see some early gains when the energy is high, and you are still excited. But when the days get long, and sticking with your plan gets hard because you’ve hit adversity along the way? Simply put… you have to want it…REALLY bad. They key to turning your desire into consistent, every day decisions? There needs to be a strong “why” attached to it.

Next, you need ACCOUNTABILITY. We all do. It is very easy for us to settle back into our old ways. Give someone permission to hold you accountable for your actions. A great way to do this is to find someone who has the same desire as you, and hold each other accountable.

Find a '“partner in crime” that wants to join you on your journey to improvement.

Lastly, many times you need GUIDANCE. It’s ok to admit that you don’t really know the steps you need to take to accomplish your goals. Maybe you need a coach, or maybe even just a friend to lean on that has been through it before and has accomplished what you want to do.

Start Small.

Goals to commit to do NOT have to be massive in size.

So today I am asking you to take a look at your life and pick two things you need to commit to changing. One will be something you commit to DOING. This may be something like walking thirty minutes a day, or having a regular weekly date night with your significant other. Make it your own, share your idea with a friend, and get started today! The second thing will be something you commit to GIVE UP doing. Again, the choices are limitless. Be creative, and most importantly have fun with this. Remember, change should not be something you dread. If it is, you will never make it happen.

If you have a burning desire supported by a solid “why”, commit to it with accountability, and maybe ask for a little help along the way, it can be an exciting and very rewarding process.

Change can be the catalyst to help you…

LIVE well. BE well.