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A conversation with Pump It Up! Fitness...

We had the opportunity to catch up with Pump It Up! Fitness owner, Cheryl Tabone. (That's not easy to do because she's always on the go!) You'll love hearing her responses to some questions we threw her way. We'd encourage you to sign up for the 4th annual Cold Turkey run on Thanksgiving too. It's quickly become a very well known family event to get out and enjoy the holiday with family and friends, before settling in with your family traditions later in the day.

Listen in to our chat with Cheryl here...

  • DB: Tell us more about why you started the race, and what Kids In Sports is all about…"

CT: Kids in Sports is a local nonprofit organization that helps assist low income families with the costs associated with participating in school, league, and other sports.

Kids in Sports, in correspondence with Pump It Up! Fitness, encourage healthy and active lifestyles while raising money for kids throughout Chautauqua County.  Fundraisers have included: the “Cold Turkey Run”, “Kids Fitness Challenge”. “Fud Run”, “Fitness Happy Hour”, and “Fitness Tailgate Party”.  The Cold Turkey Run is a 4.5 mile run, 3.3 mile walk or a 1 mile kid’s fun walk that is held every Thanksgiving morning. This is a race to be a benchmark in the Village of Fredonia for runners and walkers alike. The Kids Fitness Challenge is a 12-station fitness challenge that includes a variety of exercises for all ages, at each station. Once completed the children are awarded prizes for their participation. The Fud Run is a 1.5 mile mud run for all ages located at Camp Chautauqua. Obstacles include: mud pit, tire runs, hay stack climbs and more! The fitness happy hour and Tailgate Party are 2 hour classes (for those of you who are 21 years of age or older) of different group training with specific exercises that include: Yoga, PiYo! Boot camp, Zumba, Pilates and Turbo Kick Boxing followed by wine and healthy snacks.

  • DB: What is the biggest obstacle in finding time to work-out for people?

CT: Let’s talk about your workout “obstacles”. If you don’t have enough time… My motto is ”there’s always time!” Most may not know, but if you work out 10 minutes 3 times per day it is the same as working out 30 minutes at one time.  Our body reacts to stimuli equally and it’ll help give you more energy throughout your day.  Take time each day for you! You deserve it! Utilize your time efficiently. 10 minutes during the morning routine (walk your dog). As you’re preparing meals, perform walking lunges to move around the kitchen...or as a good friend does; squat while emptying the dishwasher! 

  • DB: What can people do to make time for themselves to work-out?

CT: At lunchtime and during the workday take the stairs, park away from the entrance or walk/workout during your lunch break. After work, go to your local gym if possible. If not, get some physical activity at home.  Have a favorite TV program? Do pushups- sit ups- or jumping jacks during the commercials. If you are uncertain what to do… Find what interests you and stick with it. If you like classes then join a class you enjoy, and you’ll find that you will commit to it.  If you like strength training in the weight room, and are unsure of a program to fit your needs then ask your gym manager for a trainer to help you teach your goals safely and effectively.

  • DB: What's the biggest misconception with working-out? 

CT: The biggest misconception about working out that I hear often is: “I don’t want to get big!” There are different types of workouts for each person.  High repetitions, usually between 10 and 20 will give you muscle endurance, or what most call toning.  Low repetitions and 1 repetition maximum will give you muscular strength.  The difference between the two is that muscular endurance is being able to perform strenuous activity over a period of time (long distance running, soccer). Your muscles are required to generate power through a certain amount of time.  Muscular strength is to generate great force, strength or power for a short quick moment (1 rep max Bench press, long jump.)  Your workout should be designed by a professional who is able to write a program to reflect your fitness goals.

  • DB: How can we get involved to help support Kids In Sports, and the upcoming Cold Turkey Run?

CT: If interested in donating to the Kids in Sports Fund, participate, or volunteer for the Cold Turkey Run, or join in any of our fitness fun please contact me (Cheryl Tabone) at pumpitupfit@yahoo.com, or visit our website at www.pumpitupfit.com. To register for the Cold Turkey Run go to www.coldturkeyrun.itsyourrace.com/register 

DB: Thanks for stopping by the blog today. We hope you enjoyed this conversation as much as we did. Look for more "guest interview" segments like this in the future!