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Hurdles That May Be Holding You Back, And How To Respond To Them


Every “hurdle” we face that is in our path has to be dealt with one way or the other. Learning what those hurdles are, and how we might be able to respond to them will prepare us for them.

How we see the hurdle makes a big impact with ultimately how we deal with it.

Let me explain…

Best Selling author and Former U.S. Navy Seal, David Goggins, says the secret to mental toughness is the 40% Rule. He says when your mind tells you that you’re done, you’re really only 40% done. Why does our mind do this? Self preservation. If it speaks to you loud enough most people will listen. I often think about this during endurance events, like when I compete in bike racing. When I feel at the end of my rope I try and ask myself “If a bear were chasing you right now, would you keep going and/or go harder?” The answer is yes, of course, you would find a way.

You don’t need to be a Navy Seal to incorporate this mentality in your everyday life. Lets take a look at two different categories of hurdles, and ways to navigate our way through them.

Outside Of Our Control

  • Bad Genetics: Sometimes we are not dealt the best hand, but you can’t let that define who you are. You may need to double down on other parts of your life that you are exceptional with. Don’t focus solely on your weakness, focus 90% of your energy on your strengths.

  • Accidents: Sometimes we get run over by a bus (hopefully figuratively). How will you respond? How will it motivate you? Remember the 40% rule. When you think you have run out of energy to keep fighting, you have a lot left to give.

Within Our Control

  • Poor Nutrition/Hydration: Health problems associated with poor nutrition and hydration choices account for a large percentage of the overall chronic diseases many suffer with today. Ultimately this one comes down to your habits. It can take some work and determination but if you want it bad enough, change will happen.

Sleep Habits: This was an entire blog topic I wrote about recently, and one that is very important. Poor sleep can have a serious effect on all aspects of our health. If you are not regularly sleeping well, and for long enough, your health will suffer sooner or later. Take the necessary steps to get regular and necessary rest for proper health and healing in your body.

The first step towards eliminating hurdles that are holding you back is identifying what they are. Some may be the ones I have touched on while some may not be. Take some time and do some soul searching. Chances are nearly everyone reading this has a long life to live still going forward. How will you live that life? Will it be full of energy and good health, or one filled with chronic sickness? Not everything is within our control, but simply focusing on what is and maximizing that will go a long way in helping you to…

LIVE well. BE well.