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Where Do You Want To Be a Year From Now, and How Do You Get There?


It is a cliché, but it can also be quite true…time flies. I’m sure all of you can think of some memorable moment in your life that is now 10, 15, 20 or more years old, which in many ways still feels like it happened yesterday. I can think of many, but one that sticks in my head the most is that I am now in my 18th year in practice. How is that possible!?!? One thing that is true is I have no regrets about the last 18 years in practice, and I would not change one bit of how it has progressed. I can’t wait to see what God has planned for me for the next 18 years.

That being said, if 18 years can fly by, just imagine how fast 1 year from now will arrive. Time to start planning and get to work! Summer is one of the best times to start moving on some new change in our lives. It’s always a little easier to get motivated when the weather is great and the days are longer. Lets talk a little about setting some realistic goals for 1 year from today. Maybe it’s trying something new, getting better at something you are already doing, and most importantly making it a new healthy habit. Remember, no one is perfect, and change is a part of life. Therefore the question is…

How Can I Change My Life For The Better?

Start a Healthy New Activity: There are so many outdoor activities you can try in the summer. Kayaking, biking, hiking, pickle ball, tennis, yoga, and so many more. Give something new a try, and figure out a way to continue it somehow during the winter months. For example if you begin to really like hiking, try to hike with snowshoes on when the snow begins to fly. This can not only be really fun, but also a great workout.

Get Out Of An Old Rut: Everyone of us gets stuck in some sort of rut from time to time. When it comes to your health, this can include poor eating habits, not being active enough, excessive drinking, and even smoking. Most of you know these habits are not health promoting but rather are health limiting, however we still continue them. Why? Habits and addiction. Find a friend who is struggling with the same or similar problems and commit to kicking these habits for good by the summer of 2020. Not sure where to start or what to do? Ask for help.

Find Your Motivation: Change can come in a lot of different forms, but the one common theme throughout to make change stick is finding your “why”. What will motivate you to make this happen? This is a very important step because without it, you will return to your rut in short order. Your “why” is your proverbial North Star of sorts, that will guide you constantly along the way as it is very easy to get off course if you are not constantly focusing on your purpose and calling.

As much as we’d all like a magic wand to deliver the changes we want in our life, we know it can’t and won’t. So much of the power found in change is unleashed through healthy relationships. There is such encouragement and inspiration to “stay the course” of change when we are journeying life with other people. Share your goals, dreams, and hopes with those closest to you. Ask them to ask you about how it is going. Letting them hold you accountable is not only NOT a sign of weakness, it shows tremendous grit and courage. Your success a year from now is rooted so much in the fertile soil of friendship and accountability. Embrace it. It’s the breeding ground that your change will flourish in.

And at the end of the year?

You’ll be far more likely to see the harvest of change that will help you to…