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Recharge Your Batteries and Enjoy The Moment


Exhaustion can sneak up on you. Many of us think we are strong enough to handle virtually anything thrown at us. This may be true to some degree, but that doesn’t mean it will come without consequences. Problems with exhaustion and getting run down have always been around, but it is so much more prevalent today with the advent of smart phones. For some, they are accessible nearly 24 hours a day, This can be great for those that need you, but also very bad for your own mental and physical health. Sometimes we just need to step away for a while. This can be done daily (for minutes or hours) or in the form of a vacation or staycation.

Ways To Recharge Your Batteries Daily:

  1. Daily Tech Detox: Too much screen time has been proven by research to zap our energy and increase our overall stress level. Plan everyday to step away from your phone for an hour or two. Either turn it completely off (to avoid the temptation to check it) or shut off all notifications. The more you do this, the easier it will be, and the more freedom you will feel.

  2. Get Outside: Even if it is just for 20-30 minutes, get outside for some fresh air. Don’t worry if it is cold, those days can be even more refreshing if you dress properly.

  3. Take a 20 minute cat nap: A 20 minute power nap during the day can do wonders to re-energize you during the mid-afternoon. Research says 60 minutes is better, but let’s be honest, most of us don’t have that time luxury.

  4. Exercise: Interesting this comes after the nap right!? Yes, 30 minutes of high intensity exercise can help you boost your energy and re-focus. The hardest part is beginning. Your brain will try and convince you that you are too tired. Don’t listen. :)

When You Need A Longer Break:

Even if we takes regular mental breaks everyday, sometimes we also just need to shut it down for a longer period of time. Don’t have the money to go away on vacation? Don’t worry, there are plenty of other ways, but you will still have to make the time. Take the family camping, go stay with friends/relatives out of town, or just take time off and stay home. You can go for daily hikes, bike rides, etc., but just be sure and disconnect. We all need a break from time to time, no matter how much we love what we do, in order to keep our passion and energy high.

We all can get wrapped up in this society today that praises being busy and accomplishing great things. Just be sure you are not burning too many matches too quickly. You will burn out sooner or later. Life can go buy quickly, but understand that it is also a marathon. Take time and enjoy the moment. So instead of going on Facebook or Instagram one more time today, put the phone away, and recharge your mental, physical, and emotional batteries.

Making the commitment to rest and stay fresh is a key part of enjoying this journey called life and being able to…

Live Well. Be Well.