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How To Know If You Are Making The Correct Health Care Choices?


When it comes to your healthcare, making the right choices for both you and your family can at times be equal parts frustrating and confusing. Not knowing what else to do is a story I often hear from new patients in the office. It is a sad and lonely place to be I’m sure. You feel helpless. The other side of that coin is sifting through all the information you are told about taking care of your health. It can be like drinking from a fire hose.

What is right for you?

Are the opinions you are getting biased?

I recently had a young mother bring her child into the office who was suffering from ear infections. Luckily, as a patient herself, she knew that chiropractic care can be very helpful for ear infections. However, her child’s pediatrician had other thoughts. He told her it wouldn’t help, and advised that she not bring him in. Well, you can see she made her own decision there. This goes to show there can be misconceptions or misinformation out there at times that can make things confusing. This is not meant as a negative on pediatricians or physicians (I have good professional relationships with many of them). This also does not mean that their recommendations are always bad because they are not. However, it is reasonable that you can have a conversation with any of your doctors (including me) as to whether their recommendations are a good fit for you or your family.

How Can You Take Control?

Be Your Own Advocate: Ultimately you should and do hold the cards on the final decision making when it comes to your health. Gather all the information you think is correct and unbiased, and make your decision. It is your body and your life. Don’t let anyone force their agenda upon you.

Stick To Your Values: It is completely normal to have different values than someone else, and this includes people within our own family. This doesn’t necessarily make one right or wrong, just your own preference. Stick to doing what feels right in your gut.

Get Back To The Basics: Sometimes the best answers are the simplest. Taking regular care of your health with diet, exercise, chiropractic, etc., can help keep your body healthy. The less you need to rely on “disease care” and instead focus on nurturing your body to prevent a health crisis, the better.

Just like a lot of situations in life, sometimes you don’t truly know in the moment if you are making the correct decision. Hindsight can be 20/20. This should not stop you from making the best decision possible. Remember to follow your gut, and in the long term, more often than not, it will help you and your family to…

LIVE well. BE well.