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A Beginners Guide To Chiropractic


For some of you, including myself, you can’t imagine living a life without regular chiropractic check-ups. The truth of the matter however is that the vast majority of the population has either never been to the chiropractor, or has very little experience with it. A sizable percentage of the new patients that I see at the office have never been to the chiropractor. As a result there are quite a few misconceptions out there about what chiropractic is. We are going to take a closer look at what exactly a chiropractor does (and doesn’t do), what to expect at an initial visit, what a chiropractic adjustment is and feels like, and who can benefit from receiving care.

The Truth and The Myth

What is true is that a chiropractors main focus is on your spine and nervous system. As a result many think chiropractic is solely for neck pain, back pain, and headaches. It is true that we help many people with these problems, but there is so much more to chiropractic than just pain. Our main focus is on your overall health, by maintaining a healthy spine and nervous system along with a healthy lifestyle. The health of your nervous system holds the key to your overall well-being. It is an information super highway, carrying vital messages to every organ and cell in your body. Spinal misalignments can alter the flow of those messages getting where they need to go, and sickness and disease is the result. Removing nerve interference in your spine is what a chiropractor does. This allows for the proper flow of life and health giving messages to reach their destination as intended, and a healthy well-functioning body is the end result.

Does It Hurt?

Your initial visit into the office generally starts with some basic paperwork, a consultation/examination, and any necessary x-rays in order to determine the current health of your spine and nervous system. We will then begin spinal adjustments which are gentle and in most cases completely painless. Most actually really enjoy getting adjusted, as it can feel quite good….especially afterwards. Chiropractic adjustments can be done from a wide variety of methods including using a extremely gentle adjusting tool, and traditional manual adjusting. Whatever the method, there is something for everyone and virtually every spine.

Who Should See A Chiropractor?

The short answer is that everyone, regardless of age, can benefit from regular spinal check-ups. We regularly see everyone from newborns to the elderly in the office. I myself have been under regular chiropractic care since I was a child. Our goal with every patient is to make them the best version of themselves they can be. Making sure your spine and nervous system are functioning at an optimal level should be high on the priority list of anyone that wants to live a long and healthy life.

Some Closing Thoughts…

Chiropractic is not intended to be a substitute for your primary care physician. However, adding a chiropractor to your health care team may help you live the healthy life you have always wanted. We may work with the spine, but we are not necessarily back pain specialists. We simply “turn the power on” inside the body in order to help you….

LIVE well. BE well.