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What You Think You Need vs. What You NEED


This conversation can be far reaching into many aspects of your life.  You may very likely think of your son or daughter saying "Mom...but I really need that toy!"  Throughout life we are constantly faced with choices on what to do or not to do.  These decisions are made based on a variety of factors, not all of which allow us to make a decision based on what is in our best interest.  I recently wrote a blog on the importance of mindset when it comes to your health, and whether you are approaching your health from a position of faith or fear.  This is indeed one of the factors in our decision making, but lets take a look at some others...

Short term vs. Long Term

I very often see patients in the office on their first visit who are in a state of crisis because they are in some sort of significant pain.  When this happens, and rightly so, they have a very short term mindset about getting out of pain as quickly as possible.  While helping them with this, I also try and get them to look at the bigger picture, and what they can do long term to help prevent a situation like this from happening again. As the saying goes, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."


We all lead extremely busy lives. I completely understand this.  Putting other's needs and wants ahead of your own however can lead to an eventual crisis.  This is no more true than when it comes to your health.  Take the time.  Do what is necessary.  You will then have all the time AND health you need to take care of your family.


Sometimes the problem is as simple as not having or knowing the right information to make the best choice for yourself and your family.  This is also completely understandable, and it is why I am here to help you make the best informed healthcare choices possible for yourself.  Find a reliable source to help you with your questions (don't believe everything you read on Google).  When all the right information is in front of you, it is always easier to make the right choice.

Finally, in the end, the ball is always in your court to make the final decision.  We can have all the information we need, and the right people around us to help, but you have to deep down want to do the right thing.  Someone forcing you to do something you aren't ready for never has a good long term outcome.  Find your WHY, and the answer will become clear.  When this happens you will take all the right steps to...

LIVE well.  BE well.