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What is Slipping and Checking?


Dr. BJ Palmer, the developer of chiropractic, wrote extensively in his writings about slipping and checking.  It was originally intended for the chiropractic profession to keep it on a focused path of delivering our message to mankind.  The message, however,  not only applies to the chiropractor, but also the patient...in every aspect of our lives.  

We are all constantly slipping, but are you checking?

The slip comes easy, we make that happen without much effort.  You eat food you told yourself that you wouldn't.  You promised to get up early and workout today, but you slept in.  The slips in our day to day lives are endless.  It is ultimately what brings us poor and unwanted results. We are all human, so these will never completely stop. The question is what will you do about them, and how fast, in order to stop the slip.

The Check...

By human nature we are all lazy, and seek the easy path.  It is easier to sleep in, than get up and workout.  It is easier to stop and get food at the drive-thru, than go home and cook a healthy meal.  BJ Palmer said, "The path of least resistance is what makes rivers and men crooked."  It requires work to constantly check yourself, but those that do it the quickest and most frequent are the ones who get the biggest rewards. You need to recognize the slip when it happens and act swiftly and intentionally to correct it.  Doing this repeatedly will create a path to success.   

Commit today to checking.  Commit to a healthier you.  

Ultimately, commit to...

LIVE well.  BE well.