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In The Words of Nike...Just Do It!


Stephen King once said, "The scariest moment is just before you start.  After that things can only get better." 

What if I fail?

What will people think?  

I can never do that.

This is the limiting self talk that runs through your head when you are thinking about doing something that you have never done before.  The starting is always the hardest part.  For me, what comes to mind is going for a run or bike ride on a cold day.  The first foot out the door is always the worst part.  However, once you are out there it is never as bad as you imagined it would be.  I have never regretted going for a run...only not going.  

Regret.  It's an awful thing.  In many cases, as life goes on, there is not much you can do to fix it.  The most common answer given by a multi-millionaire when asked if they have any regrets in life, is they wish they would have taken better care of themselves. That's the type of regret that no amount of money can fix.

If you have been thinking of changing the way you take care of your body and your health...Just Do It!  Start a new approach to eating.  Begin a new exercise routine.  Stay regular with taking care of your spine and nervous system.  What will people think?  Who cares!  If we only knew how little people think or care what we do, you would never think twice about trying something new again. The first step will be the hardest. Trust me, it's never as hard as you think it will be as long as you fully embrace it and approach it with an open mind.  

I always finish blog posts with LIVE well, BE well.  These are words to remember as you begin on your new health journey.  This does not mean that change isn't hard. It can even feel terrifying at times. My encouragement to you is not to let a temporary feeling keep you from experiencing the long-term joy that comes form taking care of yourself better. Challenges and obstacles are all part of any journey worth taking. But you will love the breakthroughs that exist on the other side of those things once you commit to putting in the consistency of care for yourself.

That approach will truly help you today, tomorrow, and into the future, so that you can...

LIVE well.  BE well.

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