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Why Would You See a Chiropractor If You Don't Have Back Pain?


As a chiropractor, or even if you are someone that has been regularly going to the chiropractor for years, this is a question with an obvious answer.  However, I also understand that to the vast majority of people they can't fathom a reason why you would see a chiropractor WITHOUT back pain.  Let's take a look at a few core reasons why we should still make it part of our journey through life, even if we aren't experiencing any back pain.

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

I'm am sure you have all heard this saying, and it can apply to many things in life.  It is also quite true when it comes to the health of your spine and body.  You see, when you have spinal problems, your body will only let you know less than 10% of the time. Why is this?  The reason for this is that 90% of the nerves that exit your spinal cord (spinal nerves) do NOT have pain sensing fibers on it.  Therefore, a significant problem can be present, yet it presents with no pain.

Don't Forget About Your Little Ones

Children of all ages can benefit tremendously from chiropractic care.  This can include problems such as ear infections, asthma, sinus problems, ADHD, digestive problems, difficulty sleeping, colic, allergies, and many more.  What is common with all of these problems is they rarely present with any kind of spinal pain.  The root cause of these problems stem from nervous system interference in your spine, but rarely pain at the site it is happening.

Don't Blow a Fuse

Your body will always functions better (every cell, tissue, organ, and system) when there is proper nerve communication going to it.  Your spinal column is like the fuse box in your house that regulates the flow of all electricity. When one of the 24 moveable bones of your spine misaligns causing pressure on your nervous system, it alters the flow of normal nerve impulses.  When this occurs you are essentially "blowing a fuse" in your body, causing parts of your body not to function as well as they should. Regular chiropractic check-ups help ensure proper nerve supply in your body, and therefore optimal health.

In closing, there is nothing wrong with seeing a chiropractor for back pain.  However, if that is the ONLY time you go to the chiropractor then you are missing out on the major benefits that it can provide.  I myself have been under regular chiropractic care since I have been a young child, not because I have been plagued by back pain, but because I want to...

LIVE well. BE well.

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