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Never Been To The Chiropractor? Here Is What You Should Know...


It continues to amaze me what percentage of the new patient's that I see at the office have never been to the chiropractor.  In many ways I am sad for them, especially when they are adults, knowing the important piece of the health care puzzle they have been missing.  However, in another way, I am always excited that they are about to change there life for the better...if they are committed.  Regular chiropractic care can open up the door to a whole new level of health.

For those of you who have never been to the chiropractor, or have limited experience, lets take a look at what you should expect.

How Will You Know What Is Wrong?

Initially during your consultation and examination we will arrive at some baseline conclusion as to what might be going on.  From that we will take a series of spinal x-rays to not only determine the exact cause of your problem, but also what the appropriate care will be in order to correct it.  

Does It Hurt?

Rarely do chiropractic adjustments produce any pain, and in most cases in can actually feel extremely good.  On some occasions when the problems are severe enough, in the hours and days following an adjustment, there can be minor discomfort.  Don't worry, it's not typically severe, and will go away quickly.  If this happens, we advise using an ice pack for 15-20 minutes, as well as drinking plenty of water.

What is That Popping Noise?  

The noise that is famous from a chiropractic adjustment is called a cavitation.  It is simply the release of gas from tiny pockets between the segments of your spine.  It is painless, however, if you are not comfortable hearing it, we have other methods of adjusting your spine that do not produce that noise.

How Often Do I need To Return?

Everyone and every problem is different.  The beginning stages of care often require significantly more repetition with visits than later on during the maintenance phase of care.  We break care up into relief, correction, and maintenance.  As you progress through the phases we will continue to decrease the frequency of care at which you will receive in the office. Don't worry though, each visit (after the initial visit) just takes a few minutes, so you will never be in our office for very long.

Chiropractic is the world's largest drug-less profession, and one of the safest forms of healthcare available.  We care for those of all ages, including newborns as well as the elderly. Although many think of chiropractic for neck pain and back pain, the real focus of chiropractic is on maximizing your overall health.  This is why regular care is so important for your health regardless of age.  Make chiropractic a regular part of your health care regimen in order to help you...

LIVE well.  BE well.