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What Lies Below The Surface...


It is said that 90% of the total mass of an iceberg lies below the surface (it’s amazing they float, right? But let’s not bore each other with the physics of it). When it comes to our health this comparison holds true for many of us. We may appear healthy to most on the outside. However, what lies beneath may tell a whole different story.

Almost all of us know someone that was seemingly healthy one day and dropped dead of a heart attack the next. It is extremely unfortunate, but an all too common situation. Were they healthy the day, week, month, or year before this happened? Likely not. We have all been raised to judge the majority of our health on the presence or absence of outward symptoms, and this can unfortunately be the deadly outcome to that belief. The health of our body is far more complicated than the “warning system” known as symptoms that we all experience from time to time.

When it comes to our spine, the presence or absence of symptoms can be one of the most misleading gauges on how healthy it is. The main reason is that 90% of the make-up of a spinal nerve is either motor or autonomic. In plain terms, it’s purpose is to transmit nerve impulses to control the function of something. This can be things such as your heart rate, stomach function, or ability to digest food. That leaves roughly 10% of the nerve for sensory fibers. Pressure or damage to this portion of the nerve fiber will produce pain. Therefore, virtually 90% of the time pressure or damage to a nerve will NOT produce pain. This is disastrous when pain is our gauge as to whether or not there is a problem.

It is always an unfortunate situation to bring up to a new patient, when they present with an acute pain situation that arose mere days ago, that they have 20+ years of irreversible damage in their spine. This is not the part of my job I enjoy. We can, in most cases, still help this person. But there are limitations. We are much better at preventing this situation from arising in the first place.

Spinal subluxations (misalignments) can occur at any age (including newborns), and often present with no symptoms whatsoever. The causes of a subluxation come from what we call “The Three T’s”: Thoughts (a.k.a stress), Toxins, and Trauma. We all have these in our lives on a daily basis, so it is inevitable we will get spinal subluxations. This is why regular chiropractic check-ups for people of all ages is so vitally important. You don’t need to be in pain (and hopefully are not) to see a chiropractor. I have been under regular chiropractic care since I was a very young child and can’t count on one hand how many times I have had any significant back pain (all from a number of sports injuries).

Maintaining a healthy spine and nervous system is not just important for the structural integrity of your spine, but also for the health of your entire body. This is why we also say that regular chiropractic care will help you too…

LIVE well. BE well.