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Resolutions or New Habits?


New Years has now come and gone.  Many of you probably vowed in the days leading up to January 1st that you would change something about your life to make it better.  Start eating better. Lose weight. Workout daily. Be a better husband/wife. The list of things is long and endless, and frankly quite easy to make.  Resolutions are easy to start, but not so easy to sustain. 

Why is that?

The statistics don't lie.  By the end of January 36% of people have already derailed from their resolution.  6 months later 56% have dropped out, and honestly I think that number is being kind, don't you?  Resolutions do not have staying power for a variety of reasons.  The two most common are because your goal is too vague, and you don't have a plan.  Saying you want to lose weight (this is the most common New Years resolution) is not something your brain can sink its teeth into.  You have to be specific, have a reason why, and a plan to follow.  A better approach would be to say, "I want to lose 25 lbs. by June 1st so I can do run a 5k on June 2nd."  Whatever your goal, whatever your reason, it has to be precise and measurable.  You have to have a plan.  A blueprint for success! 


After coming up with a specific goal and plan, you have to have a little bit (and maybe a lot) of will power. We all have our strengths and weaknesses.  Your blueprint for success has to play well into your strengths, and avoid your weakness.  Find out what your strengths are, and double down on those.  If you do this, and persevere long enough, you will ultimately create new habits that will pave the way to success for you.  New habits don't come easy, but they are essential to long term success.  And that is ultimately what we all want from a resolution right?  Not a short term band-aid on a problem, which leads to ultimate failure.  Create new habits.  Create a new life.

Finally, whether you are making a New Years resolution, or trying to improve some aspect of your life anytime during the year, you have to work hard at it.  If new habits came easy, then no one with be struggling with resolutions.  It's easy to stay in your comfort zone, but don't do it.  There is a whole new life out there waiting for you.

Make a goal.  Work hard.  Stick to it.  Make 2018 the healthiest year of your life!


LIVE well.  BE well.    

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