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3 Ways To Help Your Adjustment Hold Better


Over 120 years ago D.D. Palmer discovered chiropractic in Davenport Iowa.  In his 1910 book, The Chiropractors Adjuster, he mentions there are ultimately 3 main causes of a spinal subluxation (misalignment).  He identified them as the "Three T's" - thoughts, trauma, and toxins.  Many things have changed in chiropractic since 1895, but this has stood the test of time.  With that being said, let's take a look at 3 ways to help your adjustment hold better, and how they relate to the aforementioned thoughts, trauma, and toxins.

Kick Negativity To The Curb

What we think about, dwell upon, and let effect us, can have a significant impact on our overall health.  Emotional stressors trigger a muscular response in the body that causes imbalance and abnormal tension. Following this is also a cascade of reactions in various systems in the body, most notably the neuroendocrine.  The bottom line is managing stress levels in your life is extremely important to maintain a healthy spine and nervous system.  Try regular meditation, yoga, or various other means to reduce the effect that stress can have on your body.

Watch Out For That Bus

I often have patients come in and say they feel like they were "run over by a bus".  Thank goodness they are generally joking, but physical stress (repetitive or traumatic) can create significant damage to the integrity of your spine. Obviously certain traumatic injury is not preventable (car accident, slip/fall, etc.), but managing the day in and day out repetitive stress on your spine significantly helps the stability of your spine.  Be very mindful of posture, whether it be on the phone, sleeping, sitting on the couch, or lifting a box. Repetitive posture stress is the root cause of the vast majority of spinal problems I see in the office. Our parents were right when they would always harp on us to sit up straight!

Garbage in Garbage Out

The food and drink we consume, and the products we use on our skin can many times be the main source of toxicity to our body.  Toxic build up inside us creates stress on the cells, tissues, organs, and ultimately systems in our body.  Minimizing exposure to toxic substances plays an important role in improving spinal stability as well.  Eat organic food when possible, use all natural products on your skin and in your home, and reduce your exposure to other environmental toxins.

You see, there isn't necessarily one huge step you can take in order to help your chiropractic adjustment hold a little better, but rather a series of little steps.  Strive to get a little better at all aspects of your life, and this can add up to big dividends down the road. Manage your thoughts, trauma, and toxins daily in order to...

LIVE well. BE well.