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What Your Body is Trying To Tell You...That You Shouldn't Ignore


Our body is a wonderfully built, intelligent machine.  All 37 trillion cells of the body are constantly working, doing their job, but also trying to remain in homeostasis (balance). When a group of cells that make up an organ, muscle, or tissue begin to function irregularly, it generally does not come without a warning.  Our body doesn't just shut down when things malfunction, instead it flashes a big bright light in the form of various symptoms.  It can be very easy to just ignore these with will power, or various other means including medication.  This however, can be very dangerous and lead to further, more serious health problems down the line.  Head your body's warning signs, they are produced with a purpose.

Here Are 5 Warning Signs From Your Body You Should't Ignore

1. You Are Not Sleeping Like Normal:  Sleep is vital to health and healing in your body. When you start to notice you are veering away from your normal sleep patterns, and insomnia is setting in, you should take notice.  This is an indication of high levels of the stress hormone cortisol in your system at night, when it normally is at it's lowest.  Re-evaluate what is going on in your life, and work on stress management to get your body the rest it needs to keep you healthy. 

2. Chapped or Cracked Lips:  Regularly having chapped lips is a strong indication that you are dehydrated.  When it comes to cracks on the corners of your mouth, this is an indication of a Vitamin B deficiency.  Check your diet, and/or ask your doctor about taking a vitamin B supplement.

3. You Are Getting Sick Often:  This is a clear indication that your immune system is severely run down.  There can be a variety of factors causing this including lack of sleep, high stress, low vitamin D or C in your system, and a poor diet which is taxing on your system.

4. Frequent Skin Problems:  Frequent skin breakouts, especially with adults can be another sign of a sluggish functioning immune system.  Your skin is the largest organ in your body. Pay very close attention to any signs and symptoms your skin gives you.

5. Headaches: No amount of headaches are "normal".  They always occur as a result of some abnormality in your body. It can be a complicated answer as to their cause but the most common causes include nerve pressure in the upper neck, artificial sweeteners, stress, hormone imbalance, and a build up of any number of toxins in your body.  Look to your diet, improve your stress management, and get to the chiropractor to get your spine and nervous system checked.

In closing, always remember to respect and listen to the feedback your body gives you everyday regarding the state of your health.  The answer may not be one that you necessarily want to hear, but is always one that you need to hear, and listen to.



Adjust your lifestyle accordingly.

Those are steps in the right direction to be able to...

LIVE well. BE well.