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Stuck on How To Change and Get Healthier? Here's How To Start...

For us here in the United States, we are coming off one of the busiest holiday weeks of the year. The 4th of July can, and should be a time to celebrate.  However, for many that means falling off the proverbial wagon and going back to some of our poor health habits.  For others it can simply be reinforcing more of the same poor choices.  Whether it be an unhealthy diet, not enough consistent exercise, drinking too much alcohol, or maybe a combination of all 3, we all fall victim from time to time. The question is do you let it continue, or do you make the decision that something has to change? 

3 Simple Ways To Make Changes Stick

1. Find Your Why:  What I mean by this, is what is driving you to want to get healthier?  Is it just for vanity sake?  I hope not.  This may take a little soul searching, but you need to figure out why this change is important to you.  Without this, lasting change will be VERY hard. We all get busy and distracted, but this deep rooted desire will help bring you back on target to whatever your goal is.

2. Recruit a Buddy:  It is always easier, and frankly more fun if you get a friend to join you along the path of change.  You can even make a friendly wager to see who reaches the desired goal the quickest. This support system will help you stick to your goals.  This is a win-win for both you and your friend as you will both get and stay healthier.  Write down your goals together, keep track of your progress at regular pre-set intervals, and have some fun with it.

3. Don't Overwhelm Yourself in The Beginning:  Start small and start simple.  Telling yourself you want to accomplish too much change all at once with inevitably mean you will actually accomplish none of it.  Get focused on one particular change first, and you will be surprised that in short order you will then want to add others as positive change becomes more second nature to you.  Don't rush though, all great and lasting change takes time.  You didn't end up with these bad habits overnight, and they sure won't change that way either.

Finally, we are all human and all make mistakes.  Understand that slipping up will inevitably happen so don't beat yourself up when it does.  Learn from it, don't let it linger, and move on. You are not a flawed person if this happens, just get refocused on the why and get back on your mission of becoming the healthiest version of you that you can become.

That is how you can make change stick, and... 

LIVE well. BE well.