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What is Activated Charcoal, and How Can it Help You?

Most think of charcoal when it comes to cooking hamburgers at their family party. What we are talking about in this blog post is quite different. Activated charcoal is indeed charcoal, but because of how it is made, it becomes a very powerful detox agent.  It is a very porous substance, allowing it to bind and trap toxic substances in your body, before eventually flushing them out.

Everyday Uses for Activated Charcoal

Water Filtration:  A fresh, clean water source is one of the most important things for our health. Activated charcoal water filters are some of the best for water purification on the market.  They help remove a myriad of unhealthy substances such as chlorine, solvents, pesticides, and fluoride. Don't forget about a filter for your shower, as your skin is the largest organ in your body.  Your skin will absorb whatever type of chemicals it comes in contact with it, including what is found in water.  

Soap:  A great way to help detox your skin, and what we are exposed to everyday is with activated charcoal soap.  Be prepared, it is black and may not look like it is doing much, but you will be pleased how it leaves your skin.  It is safe for all skin types, and has been said to help with skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema. 

Toxin Removal:  In instances where someone ingests drugs, a poison, or household chemicals, activated charcoal can be extremely beneficial when consumed quickly. This certainly doesn't replace calling 911 in an emergency. It has also long been touted to be beneficial at removing toxins that contribute to the feeling of a hangover. Add one teaspoon of activated charcoal to a glass of water, and drink. 

Mold Removal: Many people either are regularly exposed to mold at home or work, or have been in the past.  This can cause living mold to be in your body, which can lead to depression, kidney/liver failure, brain dysfunction, headaches, vomiting, impaired immune system, and respiratory problems.  

Detox comes in many different forms, but activated charcoal is near the top of the list especially because of it's diversity. If you are looking to add some regular detox in your life, pick up a bottle of charcoal tablets from your local health food store....maybe even a bar of soap.  This, combined with a well functioning nervous system and a healthy lifestyle can take your level of health to that next level you are hoping for to...

Live well. Be well.