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The Importance Of Taking Time to Relax

The past couple weeks, particularly for those of us in Western New York, is one of the busiest vacation weeks of the year.  Schools are on Easter break, and many are taking their family on the first trip of the year. I'm sure some of you may even be reading this from a nice spot on the beach, sipping your favorite beverage. Here in the U.S., we take on average some of the fewest vacation days of any developed country.  Among those countries, we are also the only one without a single legally required paid vacation day.  By law, most countries in Europe for example, have a minimum of 4 weeks paid vacation per year.    

You may enjoy the work you do and the life you live, but taking a "timeout" of sorts from your day to day life can bring a fresh, and rejuvenated feeling when you return.  I am a big proponent of finding a goal that is important to you, something you are passionate about, and working towards it with all your focus. However, to avoid frustration, mental exhaustion, and a sagging enthusiasm, it is wise to take regularly scheduled mental breaks.  

A vacation can have many different meanings depending on who you are.  It doesn't have to be long, or necessarily a far away exotic place.  I for one am someone who would rather take a number of shorter getaways than ones that encompass weeks, but you may be different. Whatever it is for you, make sure you regularly schedule at least a few days to clear your mind and recharge the batteries. Upon returning, you very well may notice lower stress levels, a renewed sense of creativity, and more energy and motivation to do what matters most in your life.

Whether you are travelling this week, or have a future trip planned, enjoy your time away and the precious moments we get to spend with friends and family.  It is a cliche, but life truly does go by faster and faster every year.  Make the time to enjoy a few moments of relaxation.

When we consistently work hard at the task in front of us, and combine that with relaxing along the way?

That's how we can...

LIVE well. BE well.