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4 simple ways to take better care of yourself...

You are busy.  I get it.  Most of us are being pulled in what feels like a thousand different directions in our every day life.  Between kids activities, work, and tons of other things that require our time, it can get overwhelming. This can make it very difficult to carve out the necessary time to take care of our own health if you aren't making it a priority. Prioritizing your health isn't selfish, it's essential. You must take care of your own health before you can properly care for and lead other people in your life.

4 Simple Ways To Take Better Care Of Yourself...

1.  Get Exercise When You Aren't Even Trying:  Exercise doesn't necessarily mean swimming, lifting weights, or going for a run.  You can get some significant physical exercise just from activities that you do every day.  These include house work, yard work, taking the stairs (instead of the elevator) at work, and using a parking spot far away from the front of a store. Don't be afraid to use a fit bit or another fitness band to monitor your progress for a little added motivation.

2.  Plan Your Meals and Snacks Wisely:  One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to their health is the food choices they make when they are in a hurry.  Plan ahead.  Pick a night and work on your family's meal prep for the week.  Pre-cook chicken or various meat to put on salads, cut up vegetables for the week, and even prepare snacks such as almonds, walnuts, and pecans that you can grab as a quick snack when you need one.  This can go a long way towards warding off that temptation to grab a bite to eat at a fast food place as you are passing by.

3.  Set Goals That Your Entire Family Can Work on:  Make it a friendly competition.  This doesn't mean that everyone is working towards the same goal either.  Each person can have something unique to themselves they want to accomplish when it comes to their health, but collectively there can be one proverbial carrot at the end of the stick.  Staying healthy doesn't need to be something that feels like a 2nd job.  Have some fun with it!

4.  Finally, don't forget about your spine and nervous system: This is the literal and figurative back bone of your health.  Keeping your spine and nervous system healthy can help keep every organ and system in your body functioning exactly as it is intended to. The great thing about chiropractic, particularly at our offices, is how little time it takes to make sure you stay healthy.  Most people are in and out of our office in 5 minutes, and back to their busy lives.

When we take better care of ourselves, we'll have a ton more left in the tank to help take care of those we love.

That's an adjustment worth making, because it results in the impact we've been desiring.


LIVE well.  BE well.