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Breathe Easier With Chiropractic

Breathing problems, particularly asthma, is a health problem that can plague those of all ages.  The incidence of asthma has risen by almost 60% in the last 30 years, the reasons for which are not completely understood.  One is for sure, it is not only a serious health problem, it can also be quite frightening for those who suffer from it. Asthma related deaths stand at 4,000 per year. 

What Causes Asthma?

Many think there are a combination of factors that initially cause asthma, including exposure to chemicals, repeated use of antibiotics in the 1st year of life, damage from vaccines, increased cesarean births, and many more.  One thing most can agree on, is our ever increasing exposure to chemicals in the environment. At a minimum, it plays a significant role in effecting those with asthma symptoms.

How Does Chiropractic Help?

One of the more common problems I see in the office, especially in children, is that of asthma and breathing problems.  With the ever increasing use of phones and tablets among children, the postural stress on their spine's has sky rocketed.  One of the areas of your spine most effected from this use is the neck and upper back.  These two areas of your nervous system have a direct connection with the function of your lungs.  As a result of spinal misalignments in those areas, there will be significant interference to your nervous system, resulting in a decrease in normal lung function.

What Can Be Done?

Logically, reducing frequent exposure to environmental chemicals is a great first step to improving symptoms.  When it comes to your spine and nervous system connection, step one is getting your spine checked for spinal subluxations (misalignments).  Corrective chiropractic care to those problem areas has been shown to restore proper nerve flow, and therefore improve overall function of the lungs and diaphragm.

Finally, as with any health problem, chiropractic claims to offer no cure.  The difference between traditional medicine and chiropractic is where our focus lies.  Medicine in many cases, focuses on symptoms.  In chiropractic, we look for the root cause of the problem, knowing if that is corrected, it will naturally cause the symptoms to decrease or disappear.  Don't fall victim to a life constantly chasing one symptom or another.  Commit to building a strong and healthy body that functions at an extremely high level. We know that a body functioning at it's optimal level, with no nervous system interference, is capable of extraordinary health.

That's a prescription to...

LIVE well.  BE well