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Ways To Supercharge Your Immune System To Fight of Sickness


Your immune system is one of the most complex and intricate systems in your body.  It is our protector, defending our body against diseases and invading organisms.  Periodically getting symptoms of sickness is not necessarily a sign your body is not healthy, but rather a sign your immune system is doing it's job.  However, when sickness is frequent and/or lasts for long stretches of time, this may be a sign your body is not as strong as it needs to be. 

Here Are 5 Tips to Help Boost Your Immune System Function

Get Plenty of Sleep:  Yes, sleep is one of the most important factors to keeping a strong and healthy immune system. Even a single night of poor rest has been shown to decrease the proliferation of T-cell's (disease fighting cells).  Regular, adequate rest will keep your body strong and help fight off invading organisms.

Vitamin D:  The "sunshine vitamin" as it is called is crucial to your immune system health. Although our body can make an adequate amount of vitamin D from regular sun exposure, most of us just don't get quite enough.  Taking a high quality vitamin D3 supplement can help. Have your levels checked with a simple blood test to see if this is necessary. Optimal levels of vitamin D should be somewhere between 50-70 ng/ml.

A Healthy Gut:  The human body, particularly the gastrointestinal tract, is home to trillions of healthy bacteria. These "good" bacteria aid in digestion and provide significant support to your immune system. If you want to give your immune system a real boost, pay very close attention to the health of your gut.  Taking a quality probiotic, regularly eating fermented foods, and having consistent healthy bowel movements can help maintain the health of this delicate and important system.

Avoid Sugar:  Sugar decreases your immune system function almost immediately after consuming it. Keeping your intake of sugar to a minimum is important all the time, but especially when you are not feeling well. 

Get Adjusted:  This one may seem odd, but your immune system and your nervous system are directly connected with one another.  Research continues to show that regular chiropractic patients have a 200% greater immune competence compared to those not under regular care. Stay regular with your chiropractic check-ups this coming season.

Although these are five great tips to help you stay healthy, they are also just the beginning. Keeping your body healthy takes constant and persistent effort.  No one is perfect, and everyone gets run down and sick from time to time.  The key is to learn from it each time and work to get your body even stronger and healthier to fight off what is coming around the next turn.

That approach will help you to...

LIVE well. BE well.