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POP!!! The Story Behind The Noise...

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"Doc, just don't do that to my neck..."  I know exactly what they are talking about. That is many times how it can start with a new patient who is getting a chiropractic adjustment for the first time ever. It is no surprise that many who are receiving chiropractic for the first time are fearful.

Fear involving something new is quite normal. There are many misconceptions that involve chiropractic, but few garner as much attention as that "popping" noise from a chiropractic adjustment.  Most of this fear revolves around neck adjustments, but let me shed light on the truth behind that famous noise...

What Makes The Noise?

First off let me start out by saying the noise you hear from a chiropractic adjustment is normal and completely safe...and it is NOT bone "cracking".  The actual "pop" itself, called a cavitation, is a release of gas from the synovial joint of your spine following the movement of the specific bone from the adjustment. The gas is made mostly of oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide. Not only is it not harmful, it actually can feel quite good!

Why Are We Doing This?  What Is The Benefit?

Specific chiropractic adjustments are performed for the sole purpose of removing suxbluxations from your spine.  Simply put, subluxations are misalignment's to one of the 24 movable bones of your spine causing interference to the normal function and expression of your nervous system. Sometimes these misalignment's to your spine cause outward pain and symptoms, sometimes they do not.  In either case they effect normal health and function, and therefore it is important to regularly check your spine for them.  A healthy spine and nervous system help facilitate a healthy well-functioning body.

Can I Still Get Adjusted Without The "Pop"?

Yes....you are in luck.  There are many different chiropractic adjusting techniques for your spine, many of which do not involve any cavitation.  One of the more common techniques in chiropractic involves using an instrument called an activator to adjust your spine. This instrument uses a high speed, low force approach to correct subluxations, therefore, it does not produce any cavitation. We have a safe and effective way for virtually everyone to get the adjustment they need regardless of age or condition.  

What is most important is how regular you are with getting your spine checked for subluxations, not the technique used to do so.  I never pressure someone into one adjusting technique or another.  I don't want fear of the traditional type of chiropractic adjustment to stop someone from getting the care they need.  Make regular chiropractic adjustments part of your life for you and your family.

Don't worry about being nervous about the noise, it's not the "pop" you need to...

LIVE well. BE well.