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Someday Is Today

This past week a colleague of mine from Chicago by the name of Dr. Charles Majors suddenly passed away.  He was not only a leader in the chiropractic profession, but also a pioneer when it comes to cancer prevention and treatment. He wrote the best selling book "The Cancer Killers:  The Cause is the Cure".  It is a great read for everyone, and one I highly recommend. 

One thing that Dr. Majors was great at was motivation.  He would routinely make videos which he posted on social media, and was known for his motivational quotes.  One of my favorites, is one that I want to spend a few minutes talking about today. 

"SOMEDAY is a disease that will take your dreams to the grave with you."

-Dr. Charles Majors  

We all are guilty of this "SOMEDAY" mindset from time to time.  SOMEDAY I will lose weight. SOMEDAY I will get healthier.  SOMEDAY I will start exercising. SOMEDAY I will start eating well. SOMEDAY I will spend with my kids.  The list goes on and on. 

It is unfortunate that sometimes it is can take a tragic event like this to wake us up to this fact.

When it comes to your health, waiting too long can have dire outcomes.  I often see people that have been procrastinating with the health of their spine and nervous system for many years.  This often results in irreversible damage.  Yes, I can still help this person many times. However, there are limitations.  Would it have been better if they took care of this problem sooner?  Of course.  This is why I try and educate parents on the importance of getting their child's spine checked routinely from an early age. This can go a long way towards a much healthier adult life.

What in your life do you keep saying SOMEDAY about?  

Don't wait.  SOMEDAY may be sooner than we think. It was for my friend, Dr. Majors.

Do what you can today, and make incremental progress each day.  

LIVE well. BE well.