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Let's Talk About Our Nation's Drug Problem...

We live in a very connected world today.

More messages vie for our attention than ever before.

TV, Social Media, Print, Online, Radio, and the list goes on.

That can be great when it comes to sharing genuinely, unbiased information, that we need. But there are times when potentially biased information can lead to our ultimate frustration as well. Take the issue of our nation's drug problem. Agreeing that there is one isn't the problem, but getting to the root of what is causing it is. Just like my previous blog post about vaccination, I am not here to tell you I have the magic answer in one fell swoop. I do, however, want to bring up some questions that will help us have a conversation so that we can get to the bottom of it…together. 

Our kids deserve better.

Our world deserves better.

The real problem with drug use in America, whether pushed or prescribed, starts at a very young age.  Are we teaching our children to be dependent on drugs?  It's quite possible. It may start with a seemingly innocent aspirin to soothe a headache.  For many this can evolve into a cocktail of drugs to help with concentration, improve acne, calm allergies, improve asthma, and help when they feel sad and depressed.  These drugs may all come with a prescription, but are we not creating a walking junkie of sorts? Are we teaching our children that there is a pill or drug that can fix what ails you. Many of these children may turn to abusing drugs and alcohol to help them handle typical adolescent problems.

Drugs and surgery definitely have their place in times of emergency, there is no doubt. Unfortunately they are used and abused far too often.  I have seen countless people who, with a well functioning spine and nervous system along and a healthy lifestyle, live a long and healthy life with little to no medication.

So how to do take healthy next steps?

Live the chiropractic lifestyle!  

  • Get your spine and nervous system checked regularly.  
  • Eat well.
  • Exercise consistently.
  • Maintain an overall healthy lifestyle.  

By doing these simple things, you will be amazed at the level of health that you can achieve and stay consistent with. 

Getting and staying healthy is not a sometimes thing, but an everyday habit.

We are launching a new initiative to help you focus and plan for the life you deserve. You saw it in the picture for our blog post today. It's a phrase we will use a lot, to help all of us stay committed to what will help us live a healthy life today.

LIVE well.  BE well.