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To Vaccinate or Not...It's Still Your Choice

Photo by evgenyatamanenko/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by evgenyatamanenko/iStock / Getty Images

This has been a blog I have been wanting to write for quite some time.  It is a topic that can be volatile, controversial, but one I think is worth discussing.  To start, I would NEVER tell someone to or not to vaccinate their child.  That is a decision that every parent needs to make for themselves, but I do regularly help parents sort through the information and misinformation that is out there.

I recently saw the movie Vaxxed at the theaters, which has drawn much controversy both when it was being made, as well as it's potential release at the Tribeca Film Festical.  The movie detailed to massive CDC cover up with research done on the MMR vaccine.  

One of the great things the movie proposed to people was to ask yourself 3 simple questions about vaccines.

1. Are Vaccines Safe?  The better question should be, does the risk of getting the illness outweigh the risk of possible adverse reactions to the vaccine? Vaccines are known to contain ingredients that are classified toxins.  

2. Are Vaccines Effective?  Many credit vaccines for irradicating many serious diseases throughout history.  Some of this may have some truth, but what isn't said is that most of these diseases (Polio for example) had been on a severe decline long before the vaccines were developed.

3.  Are Vaccines Necessary?  One of the great misconceptions is that our body's were born with an inability to protect themselves from sickness and disease.  This is not true.  Our body's have been given a powerful innate potential to heal, protect, and maintain health. 

One of the largest debates with vaccines revolves around whether or not they are the cause or major contributing factor to the meteoric rise in Autism.  Let's start there.  The statistics in regards to Autism are scary.  The CDC reports that 15 years ago 1 in 10,000 kids had autism.  10 years ago that number went to 1 in 1,000.  5 years ago 1 in 150.  Now the rate of autism has reached 1 in 50. What does this mean?  Well, at the pace it has been changing, by 2032, 1 in 2 children will have some form of autism.  That is frightening.  Is that from vaccines?  I have my opinions, but that is for you to decide. In the office I have listened to many devastating stories from parents about their post-vaccine experiences, and "that day" when they knew something terrible went wrong. The guilt a parent must have from that is something I can't even imagine, because it tears at my heart strings.

Does this mean you shouldn't vaccinate your child?  No.  That is an important decision you need to make for yourself.  However, equipping yourself with as much information as possible is crucial when making a decision of this magnitude.  The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC.org) as well as Childhood Shots are both excellent sources for all things vaccine related.  Getting non-biased information in the mainstream media can be very hard when it come to vaccines because of pharmaceutical company influence due to advertising.

The biggest concern from parents about not vaccinating their child often revolves around whether or not they need them to enter public school.  The answer is, it depends.  You need to check with your local state to find out, but here in the state of New York you still have the right to a personal belief (or religious) exemption.  This waver will allow your child to attend NYS public schools per state law.  

Finally, taking care of your health, or the health of your family is an on going effort.  There is no quick fix, shot, or pill that will keep them healthy.  A healthy body takes some work.  Building a healthy body, with a strong immune system will go a long ways in warding off sickness and disease.  This includes a healthy lifestyle, as well as maintaining a clear nervous system with regular chiropractic check-ups.  Don't take your health for granted, but don't live your life fearing the next sickness or disease.