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Sickness and Disease: Is it Bad Genes or Just Luck?

People often are perplexed, and quite frankly feel helpless, when it comes to avoiding sickness and disease. Why does one person who is seemingly healthy can get a serious disease, while another who appears to be reckless in caring for their health never gets sick. 

I recently read a great piece from best selling author, chiropractor, and a leader in the cancer community, Dr. Charles Majors, about why some get sickness and disease, while others don't.  If you have not read his book The Cancer Killers, The Cause Is The Curethen I would put that on the top of your list (You can purchase it by following the link).  It contains a wealth of information on sickness and disease, along with his amazing story of how he overcame stage 4 brain cancer himself.

Here are a few great points Dr. Majors makes, along with 7 Ways To Strengthen Your Immune System...

"Why does 1 person smoke, eat bad, is toxic and overweight and doesn't get Cancer? And another person who doesn't smoke, eats well, detoxes and exercise daily, gets Cancer?

The first thing most will say is, "its genetic!" But it's never our genes its whether you turn those genes on or off! What is the first step to preventing or reversing Cancer? Having a Strong Immune System.In healthy people, a strong immune system actually keeps cancer cells in check and helps prevent sickness and disease. So how do you strengthen your immune system to prevent cancer and disease?

Here are the top 7 ways, but there are many more.
1. Sleep- get at least 8 hours uninterrupted every night.
2. Nutrition- eat more LIVE food and less DEAD food. Minimize SUGAR and anything that turns to sugar.
3. Decrease Stress- 1 minute of stress can decrease your immune system up to 6 hours.
4. Minimize toxicity- from what's in your food and drinks to what you put on your skin to everything you inhale. 
5. Nerve Supply- the only way your brain recognizing and sees the cancer to talk to your immune system is through your nervous system.
6. Exercise- there is more research on exercise preventing cancer than anything else.
7. Expose yourself- When your body is exposed to germs, it learns how to better fight them of and protect itself, ultimately boosting immunity. To build up your immune system and prevent disease this is VERY important, but for a cancer patient, because their immune system is weak already, avoid being exposed until your immune system is strong again."

Does what he said make sense to you?  Health isn't merely about luck. There isn't a magic bullet to staying healthy, and it isn't all about what genes you were dealt.  Yes, there are always exceptions where the guy who eats a terrible diet, smokes, and drinks to excess lives to 90.  Do you want to rest your chances on the exception, or take a consistent, systematic approach to staying healthy?  Not only will this help you live a long life, but also a quality one.  

The late Robin Williams said it best, "Our job is improving the quality of life, not just delaying death."  


LIVE well.  BE well.