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Colic: Can Chiropractic Help?

If you have ever had a baby with colic, you know just how miserable it can be.  

Sleepless nights, and constant fussing can leave you at the end of your rope, and willing to try just about anything to resolve it.  

I am here to offer you some hope...

What Is Infantile Colic?

Infantile Colic is a name given to a group of symptoms that include the following:

  • Inconsolable crying in an infant for as least three hours a day, at least three days a week, for at least three weeks.
  • Loud piercing cry, flexed legs, tensed abdominal muscles, and clenched fingers.

The stress and frustration that can ensue from a parental perspective can be extreme.  It can leave parents feeling helpless, as they can obviously see their child is in discomfort.  This can contribute to an increase risk of postpartum depression, as well as interfering with mother-baby bonding.

How Can Chiropractic Help?

Colic symptoms are generally a sign that your baby has suffered birth trauma, which has effected the alignment of bones in the delicate upper portion of their neck.  This can happen even from the normal birth process, but very often occurs as a result of a c-section or other type of traumatic birth.  

Prevention is always the best solution.  Getting your child's spine checked shortly after birth can help fix this problem before it manifests with colic symptoms.  Either way, chiropractic can help.  

A great study in the Journal of Manipulative Physiological Therapeutics showed 94% of 316 children in the study showed significant improvement with colic following  chiropractic care.  This is huge!  

In closing, be sure and get your child checked for spinal problems at a very early age regardless of the presence or absence of symptoms.  Children under regular chiropractic care are some of the healthiest kids on the planet!

LIVE well. BE well.