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You May Not Like This, But You Need To Hear It...

According to the Census Bureau, centenarians (those people over 100 years of age), are the fastest growing segment of the population.  By 2050 they estimate there will be 6 million of them. That is an increase of over 700% between now and then.  This will push the median age to near 50.  Whoa, 40 is really the new 20.  

What does this mean for you?

This means our definition of "old" just got tossed in the trash.  If 50 is middle aged, why do people in their 40's tell me on a regular basis they are "old"?  Yikes!  You may not even be halfway through your life yet. You can't be old!  

Lets look at a few incredible accomplishments by people at many different ages....

Age 41:  Olympic Swimmer Dara Torres won her 12th Olympic medal, also becoming the oldest swimmer to compete in the Olympic games.

Age 46:  Jack Nicklaus became the oldest person to win The Masters golf tournament.

Age 59:  Satchel Paige became the oldest player to play in a MLB game.  He played for the Kansas City Athletics in 1965.

Age 82:  Lew Hollander is the oldest person to complete the famous Ironman World Championship in Kailue-Kona, Hawaii.

Stop Using The Excuse That You Are Old!

Age is truly just a number, and that is not only a saying.  I can honestly say I regularly see in the office some amazingly healthy, active people who are in their 80's and 90's.  One patient, Leonard (pictured above), is so excited to be 94 that he makes everyone guess his age when he is in the office.  He still goes hunting every fall and tells me I have to keep him in shape to do so.  Truly amazing!  

I sadly, also have many who are in their 40's and 50's that are a physical train wreck.  Does this mean they just got dealt a bad hand?  No.  We control our own destiny when it comes to our life and health.  "Bad genes" are most often only an excuse people use to explain why they are unhealthy.   BE PRESENT and ENGAGED when it comes to your health.  The age-old saying goes "If you wear out your body, where are you going to live?" Take steps toward a healthier life everyday with consistent exercise, a healthy diet, regular chiropractic care, and a positive mental attitude.  

Make it your goal to not only be alive into your 80's and 90's, but to truly live a healthy and vibrant life right to the end.

Would you rather be home bound at 65 suffering with deterioration and chronic disease, or hunting like Leonard at 94?  

I choose Leonard.

That's a CHIROpractical piece of advice.

LIVE well. BE well.