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What Makes Us Sick Is Not What You Might Think...

Every year the seasons come and go, and so do the reasons we use for why we are getting sick from time to time.  "It"s the cold weather."  "It's the weather changes."  "My son brought it home from school."  "The flu is going around."  The list goes on and on.  So what is the truth, and what is a myth?  Let's start there...

Truth or Myth?

  • Cold Weather Makes You Sick:  Myth.  Studies have shown there is no direct correlation to being "chilled" and getting sick.  Your body will adapt to whatever weather it is exposed to.
  • Drastic Changes in Weather Can Bring On a Cold:  Myth.  Your body has an amazing ability to adapt to changing temperatures.  However, dress appropriately for the temperature in order to help your body maintain a normal body temperature with less stress on it.
  • Stress Can Increase Your Chances of Getting Sick:  Truth.  High stress will elevate cortisol levels in your body which will decrease your immune system function. Find a way to manage your stress through rest, yoga, meditation, and exercise.
  • Sugar Intake Can Make You Sick:  Truth.  Sugar is a known immune system depressant for a variety of reasons. Continuous and regular consumption of sugar can weaken your immune system and impair its ability to fight off infections. Be VERY careful how much refined sugar you are consuming.

The Bottom-Line

I have read that Americans touch over 300 different surfaces every 30 minutes.  Whatever the number is for you, it is not realistic to think you will avoid coming in contact with bacteria and viruses.  Don't panic, the determining factor is really the health of your immune system.  Regular exposure to these things can actually be GOOD, and can help build your immune system.  

One of the worlds leading holistic practitioner, Dr. Joseph Mercola, put it perfectly.  He said "I like to use the analogy of disease to darkness and health light.  If you shine light in a dark room it is not dark anymore.  Darkness and light simply can't coexist.  Similarly if you are healthy you can have massive exposure to infectious agents and you simply will NOT get sick.  Just like light and darkness, it is very difficult, if not impossible in most cases, for a strong immune system and infectious disease to exist together." 

So what are you doing to "shine light" into your body and build a bullet-proof immune system? Don't live in fear, fight sickness and disease by building a rock star immune system.  Staying healthy is not a sometimes thing, but rather an all the time commitment.  It takes consistent hard work, but it is VERY worth it.  Take daily steps in every aspect of your life to make your body stronger and healthier. If you do this, you will be well on your way to becoming one of the healthiest people on the planet.

LIVE well. BE well.