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Kombucha, Kefir and Dandelion....Say What?

No I'm not speaking another language.

Trying to get and stay healthy in today's world can be filled with complicated jargon.  

And don't worry, I am not asking you to eat the weeds in your front lawn.

Let's shed light on 5 of the hottest health food trends are, and whether they are right for you.

Kombucha:  Lets start here because this isn't even food, it is a drink.  In simple terms, kombucha is a fermented tea.  It usually is lightly effervescent, and comes with a long list of health benefits.  It has been shown to improve digestion, increase overall energy, improve immune system health, and provide liver detoxification.  They even make kombucha beer...now do I have your attention?

Wheatgrass:  Ok, while we are talking about beverages I might as well mention wheatgrass.  This young grass from the common wheat plant is packed full of vitamins and antioxidants.  Juice 1 ounce of this easily grown grass for a jolt of nutrients.

Kimchi: Traditionally a Korean dish made of cultured vegetables (usually cabbage, radish and scallions).  Cultured vegetables are some of the healthiest foods on the planet. They help maintain a healthy digestive tract.

Kefir:  Another cultured product, similar to that of yogurt, made from any type of milk.  It contains beneficial yeast as well as friendly probiotic bacteria.  It is loaded with vitamins and minerals as well as easily digestible proteins.  It too helps promote a healthy digestive tract.

Dandelion:  When your grandmother said dandelion greens were good for you, she wasn't joking.  They are packed full of nutrients, most notably Vitamin K, A, C, and B-vitamins. They are sold at most local grocery stores and are an excellent choice to soups, in a salad, or on a sandwich.  They can be a tad bitter, but in my opinion are quite tasty!

The list of items can go on and on, so experiment with new items when you see them in the store.  You will be surprised what you end up liking.  An easy suggestion when making a meal from fresh fruit and vegetables is to make it as colorful as possible.  A green salad with orange bell peppers, red and yellow tomatoes, along with other colorful items can not only be good for you, but also pleasing to look at.  

Have fun, and make your meal a work of art!

LIVE well. BE well.