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Acid Reflux: Is There An Answer?

Photo by Brian Weed/Hemera / Getty Images
Photo by Brian Weed/Hemera / Getty Images

One of the most common, and frankly quite annoying, chronic health problems people get is that of acid reflux or GERD.  This commonly occurs in the middle-aged and older segment of society, and is characterized by heartburn, regurgitation, bloating, nausea, and chronic burping. It has also been occurring at an alarming rate in the pediatric population, particularly in infants. The symptoms in a child are generally trouble nursing, arching of the back and neck, poor weight gain, and irritability. 

How Can Chiropractic Help With Acid Reflux?

I am sure chiropractic wasn't the first thing you thought of when it comes to acid reflux.  The truth is, in many instances (and I have seen this many times in the office), it can be an enormous help.  

Before we look at how chiropractic can help, remember that diet can play a crucial role in this problem.  You can't fill your stomach with garbage everyday and not think your body will not be a little angry with you.  It is not always easy to change the way you eat, but in many cases is necessary if you want to live a healthier life.  Avoid large quantities of caffeine, red spaghetti sauce, and spicy foods.  Having healthier bacteria in your stomach can also help immensely. Try mixing in some cultured food/drink (as mentioned in my previous blog), or at the very least begin taking a probiotic.  If you are nursing, all these tips are the same as what you eat can ultimately effect your child as well.

As for chiropractic, remember, our focus is always on the health and function of your overall body.  When there is an interference to your body's ability to function normally due to spinal misalignments (subluxations), the systems of the body will begin to malfunction including that of your digestive system.  This, in many cases, can lead to acid reflux or GERD.  Chiropractors are specially trained to be able to detect these areas of nervous system interference and correct them to restore normal function. This allows your body to heal, and ultimately function normally. For infants, the correction is easy and gentle.  The cause is many times the birth process, which can be quite traumatic.

The bottom line is with a healthy diet, and a nervous system free of interference, our body is designed to be whole and healthy.  Don't wait until you have symptoms like acid reflux.  Get you spine and nervous system checked on a regular basis to maintain an optimal level of health everyday. 

Live well. Be well.