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6 Ways Chiropractic Can Help School Age Kids

Getting parents to understand the importance of regular spinal check-ups for their child, regardless of age, has always been a passion of mine.  When you see everyday how much chiropractic can help children, you can't help but want to spread that message.  Saving a child from having tubes in their ears from repeated ear infections, or helping a child do better in school, are things that are priceless to be able to experience for me.

When it comes to school age children, they are faced with problems that many of us never had to face.  The primary problem relates to posture, specifically as it relates to phone and computer use.  The most recent figures shows the average child is using an electronic device for over 7.5 hours per day.  Wow!!!  This is one of the major reasons I frequently see serious damage in the spine's of young children.  

The following are 6 ways that regular chiropractic check-ups of your child's spine can improve the quality of their life:

1. Focus/Concentration: Chronic nervous system interference, particularly in the upper neck region can significantly impair a child's ability to concentrate.  This will commonly lead to a hyperactive or ADHD diagnosis.  Chiropractic care, combined with a healthy diet has been shown to greatly improve this problem.

2. Proper Growth & Development:  Have you heard of the saying "As a twig is bent, so grow the tree"?  Early onset structural problems left uncorrected can lead to permanent structural problems such as scoliosis.  When it comes to this matter, early detection, or even better...prevention, is the goal when getting your child's spine checked early in life.

3. Improved Immune System: Research has shown that patients under regular chiropractic care have an immune system that functions up to 200% better than those not under care.  This figure jumps to 400% better in a patient with cancer.  Regardless, getting regular adjustments will help your child live a healthier life.

4. Encourage Good Spinal Posture:  This brings me back to the electronics statistic.  Poor posture has approached epidemic levels in children today as a result of frequent electronics use.  

5. Improve Sleep:  This is one that I frequently hear in the office.  Patients often say they sleep so much better after they begin regular care. This is a result of less stress on your nervous system, particular your sleep centers located once again in the upper portion of the neck.

6. Improved performance in Sports & Activities:  As I wrote about in my previous post about athletes and chiropractic, improved structural and nervous system function will improve performance.  This is not only true when it comes to sports, but also for artists like musicians. 

In closing, I encourage all parents to get their child's spine checked.  The time is never too early, and that includes newborn babies.  Birth can be a very traumatic event.  One concern that many patients have is over the safety.  Chiropractic, for children especially, is very gentle. Kids love to get adjusted. One particular teenage girl recently told me "We love coming here!  It is so much fun!" That should be all you need to know...

LIVE well. BE well.