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A Few Fun Ways To Beat The Winter Blues...

Winter has arrived...and with a vengeance.  Clearly mother nature has no interest in letting us off the hook quite like she did last year.  We are from Western New York. We are tough. We can handle it right?

Lets Have Some Fun With It!

We can sit in our house, complain about the weather and the cards we have been dealt, or we can make the most of it.  Let's take a look at some fun ways we can enjoy the beautiful snowy weather.


This is one of the least expensive outdoor winter sports you can partake in.  You can get entry level snowshoes for a very reasonable price. They are simple to use, and allow you to get out into the woods and see some hidden winter gems you wouldn't be able to otherwise.  Oh yeah, and it can burn an insane amount of calories.  Once you buy the gear you can have endless hours of fun at absolutely no cost.  What's not to like about that?

Cross Country Skiing

Yes, this one takes a little more coordination, but with a little practice you can pick it up well.  Don't worry, if you do fall it will be in the snow and you will feel like a kid again! The initial investment will be a bit more than snowshoes, but the same reward of doing the activity at no cost to you is still there. Most of the parks in the area are a great place to go to do this, and some even have specific areas for using them. Like snowshoeing, it is estimated you will burn between 500 and a 1000 calories per hour cross country skiing. We can all use some of this during the winter, right?

Fat Tire Biking


Ok, this one is fairly new, and possibly a stretch for some of you, but I have been having a bunch of fun with it this winter already.  A fat tire bike looks similar to a traditional mountain except the tires are between 4 and 5 inches wide.  This allows them to handle the snow (especially packed snow) quite well.  They are a ton of fun!  Because of the weight of the bike and the high rolling resistance of the large tires in the snow, they provide you with an incredible workout.  Once again, 1 hour of hard fat tire bike riding can burn a bunch of calories.  With all of the fun you will be having, you won't even realize you are working out.

You see, getting and staying healthy does not have to mean spending countless hours in the gym.  You can also get a great workout and enjoy the winter gems mother nature gives us as well.  

LIVE well.  BE well.