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Plant The Seed...But Don't Forget To Water It

This is a follow-up piece to my most recent blog post on hard work. Starting chiropractic at a very young age is optimal for one's health and wellness moving forward.  This does not mean that if you are getting older and have never seen a chiropractor that you have missed the proverbial boat.  It is never too late to take better care of your spine and your health.

Start Where You Are At

Starting something new can be intimidating, and even a little bit scary at times.  Not to worry, the first step is always the hardest. Results don't always come quickly, but with commitment over time comes progress. Like a seed, it's one thing to plant it, but quite another to stay committed to nurturing it until it comes to full maturity. Does this mean your job is done?  No.  Maintaining it, so that seed that reaped a harvest doesn't become a withered plant that was once healthy.

Meet Cara...

Like many of you, Cara was experiencing problems for many years.  Some would have lost hope and chose to accept the pain. Not Cara.  Here is what she has to say...

"After 15+ years living with chronic hip pain, I finally found relief at Bell Chiropractic. I run and go to the gym often. Dr. Bell has been instrumental in me being able to sustain an active lifestyle, pain free! Other doctors and chiropractors told me my hip pain was something I would always live with.  Thankfully, Dr. Bell has proven them wrong. Calm setting, warm and inviting staff! I have recommended Bell Chiropractic to many friends and family members who have also experienced similar life-changing results."

In closing, this isn't about me.  This will hopefully inspire someone who has been living with chronic problems to think there may be an answer.  Don't let the opinion of one person who told you there is nothing you can do decide your destiny.  Take action today!  Start by planting a mental seed in your mind by saying...

I. Can. Live Well.

I Can. Be Well.