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Headaches...Is Your Posture To Blame?

Headaches are one of the more common reasons people seek chiropractic care.  Approximately 45 million Americans suffer from regular headaches, with 37 million suffering from migraine headaches.  Most reports show these numbers continue to increase, a trend I have also seen in the office as well.

What is to blame?

There are many causes of stress, including a build up of toxins in your body from a variety of sources. In my opinion one of the more common reasons today is from postural stress.  We live in a digital world.  The newest numbers show that Americans check their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. an average of 17 times per day.  Not to mention time spent texting, searching info. on the internet, or playing games. All in all, Americans spend 4.7 hours per day on their phones.  

It is not just kids...

I can hear you already with your "kids these days" comments.  True, kids are frequent abusers of phone use. You may be surprised to hear however the most frequent use of phones in a given day is from those between the age of 25 and 54. With the average person spending 4.7 hours per day with their head down looking at their phone, there has been a huge spike in postural spinal stress as a result.  This use amasses over 1,700 hours of excess, abnormal stress on both the neck and upper back.

You probably won't stop...

I am not expecting you to stop using your phone, for most it has become a big part of your everyday life.  However, I do ask my patients to work on improving their posture while on the phone.  In addition, staying regular with your chiropractic spinal check-ups is more important now than ever. With the increase in neck and upper back stress, rapid development of spinal damage is frequently occurring.  

Don't wait until it hurts, get your family to the chiropractor today! 

Live well.  Be well.