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Mommy, Can I Go To The Chiropractor Too?


In my 14 years of chiropractic practice, caring for kids are some of the most rewarding and memorable moments I have had.  I have been blessed to hold many infants, give them a gentle chiropractic adjustment, and see them change right before my eyes.  The unfortunate part is most parents never even think that chiropractic can help their child lead a healthier life.  The big misconception is that children shouldn't or can't go to the chiropractor, and that is the furthest thing from the truth.  

If I was only able to have one chiropractic adjustment my entire life, when would it be?  At birth. One fact we do know is the first subluxation usually (spinal misalignment) happens at birth, whether it is a natural birth or a c-section, because of the normal trauma that happens with either process.  Getting a child checked for subluxations soon after birth will ensure their nervous system is functioning at 100% of its potential, creating the framework for a long and healthy life.  Rest assure, chiropractic for infants is VERY gentle.  I often tell patients that the force used to adjust the spine of a newborn is similar to that used to check the ripeness of a tomato.  In most cases you will not even be aware, nor will they, that anything is happening.  It is EXTREMELY safe, and highly effective.

Spinal subluxions at birth can cause a wide range of health problems, including but not limited to: Ear infections, Allergies, Difficulty Nursing, Colic, Acid Reflux, Sleep Trouble, Digestive Problems, Heart problems, and Lung Dysfunction. Is it better to get to the cause of these health problems, or merely alter their symptoms through medication?  I think the answer is obvious. Should you wait for one of these symptoms to appear, or get them checked before?  Being proactive when it comes the health of you and your family should be the obvious choice, just like little Mara pictured above who we have regularly checked since birth.  Her mom reports she has been nothing but a healthy (and very cute I must say) baby girl since the beginning.  That is just how we like it!

So what is the next step?  First, be sure to get your child checked by a chiropractor for spinal subluxations. If you do not know of a chiropractor that has experience with kids, I will help you find one in your area. Chiropractic care is safe for children of ALL ages.  In my opinion kids need regular chiropractic care as much, if not more than adults do.  Second, be sure to stay regular with routine check-ups to ensure they stay live a healthy life. Kids that are under regular chiropractic care from a young age are some of the healthiest kids on the planet!  

We want you…and your entire family, to LIVE well & BE well.