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Vitamins: The Good and Bad

In recent years the use of multivtamins and various other supplements has been gaining in popularity.  However, not all supplements are providing health benefits to you, and some may even be causing you harm.  More on that in a moment.  

The first priority when it comes to nutrition is to build a solid foundation with a healthy diet, rich in vital nutrients.  Taking a vitamin or supplement of any kind should NEVER be a substitute for a healthy diet.  Your diet should be full of fresh, organic vegetables, along with organic meats. Limit your consumption of grains, and consume fruits in moderation as well as they contain high amounts of sugar in many cases.  

Picking the right multivitamin supplement can be tricky, as they are not all created equal when it comes to quality.  The main issue is the regulation of the industry is very vague, as there is little to no definition as to what a multivitamin is.  Every manufacturer can determine what and what not to include in their particular product.  

Here are a few helpful tips to improve your chances of getting the right supplement for you.  

  • Look for a product that is whole-food based, plant-based, and/or liquid-formulated.  Whole-food or plant-based will help ensure that you are not getting a product full of synthetic or artificial ingredients.  Liquid-formulated is always a great option to look for because they are readily absorbed into your system in that state.
  • It is almost as important to know what to avoid when it comes to multivtamins as it is what to look for.  Vitamins have become a very commercialized industry which has led to many highly marketed products that many times devoid of quality.  
  • Check ingredient labels faithfully for additives, synthetic ingredients, dyes, and artificial sweeteners.  If it is very inexpensive to buy, and/or tastes like candy, assume it is likely of very poor quality.

Finally, remember health is  multi-faceted, and one that requires more than just taking a healthy supplement.  Eating well, exercising, getting adequate sleep, having a positive mental attitude, regular chiropractic care, and overall maintaining a healthy lifestyle are all keys to living a long and vibrant life.