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Unlock Your Brain, Unlock Your Potential

This weekend I witnessed a pretty cool situation that many dogs find themselves in when faced with a new situation.  We were dog sitting our sweet friend Sadie, and decided to bring her to our place on the lake.  Curious how she would react on the stand-up paddleboard, we decided to give it a try.  At first, she was very afraid at the idea of getting on the board.  After a short while she would get on, but was uneasy staying on it for more than a minute.  Finally, after a few more tries she loved it and wanted to keep getting on over, and over.  Once she broke through that initial barrier in her brain telling her she couldn't do it, it opened up a whole new experience that little did she realize was quite fun.

Ever find yourself in a similar situation?  One that you might have thought there is no way you can do this?  Don't put limits on what you can do in life.  Don't sell yourself short.  In Chiropractic, we always talk about releasing the unlimited potential in your body when you are functioning with a nervous system clear of nerve interference. Better communication between your brain and body can not only allow you to be healthier, it also can help unlock your true potential.  Be sure to stay regular with your spinal check-ups in order to help live the life you were designed to live...