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How is Your Dimmer Switch

Most people don’t really get chiropractic, even after 120 years. They don't understand how simple it is, yet how far reaching it can be.  After 120 years, everybody’s heard of chiropractic, but only about 2% use it, and most of those don't really understand it.  It is not necessary to understand the physiology of how it works, but more so of how best to apply it in your life.

Think of your nervous system like wires transmitting electricity to different parts of your body.  If the flow of electricity gets altered, it will effect the full functioning of the part it is going to.  A chiropractors job is to maintain that flow of "electricity" to those parts.  Here is the tricky part, over 90% of the time your body will not tell you there is a problem.  Most of the time people are walking around with their "dimmer switch" on low for many years, thinking it is on full power.  Chiropractic adjustments are designed to "turn the power on" so that your body is firing on all cylinders.  Chiropractic offers people a way out, an escape from life as an inevitable progression of decay, drugs, and disease.  Choose Life.  Choose Health.  Choose Chiropractic....