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Here is our most popular blog of 2015.

It can be very cliche to say that time flies, but many times it appears to.  At the very least we can all agree that time is relative.  The more enjoyment we are having, the quicker time passes, and vice versa.  Well this year has absolutely flown by for me.  It has been one that was filled with many wonderful moments, and of course many challenges.  What would life be without a few challenges to make us grow physically, mentally, and spiritually.  

I wanted to take a few minutes to highlight the top 10 blogs we had in 2015 based on your feedback....

10. Unlock Your Brain, Unlock Your Potential

9. Vitamins: The Good and Bad

8. Exercise:  Some is Better than None

7. It Is Flu Season: What is You Plan

6. The 12 Hour Rule...

5. The Holiday Season Is Here:It's About To Get Personal

4. Sugar: Is It Slowly Killing You?

3. Migraine Misery: There Is Help...

2. What Are We Teaching Our Children?

1. A Conversation With Pump It Up! Fitness...

I am not surprised at all that our #1 blog of 2015 belonged to the one that was not only concerned with health but also in building personal relationships within the community.  Make it your goal in 2016 to not only get and stay healthy, but also build great personal relationships with those people that mean the most to you.  Just as I mentioned, life can pass by in a moments notice. Don't live a life of regret, but rather one that will leave tracks long after you are gone.

Have a GREAT 2016!!!!!

LIVE well, Be Well.